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Established in 2001, Southwood Financial Planning has a proven track record of helping individuals and small businesses achieve their financial objectives.


“We provide our clients with holistic, personalised, objective financial planning solutions by placing their interests above our own and continually striving to exceed their expectations.”


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Welcome to Southwood Financial Planning. As an independent financial planning firm based in Cape Town, we give ongoing professional and personalised advice to help individuals and business owners achieve their financial goals.

As independent financial advisors and planners, we provide objective advice by looking across various product providers to find the most appropriate solution for you.

Southwood Financial Planning is one of only a handful of FPI Approved Professional Practices® in South Africa. This accreditation reinforces the fact that Southwood adheres to the highest standards of competency, professionalism and ethical conduct. It validates that the practice follows the six step financial planning process and that client centricity is placed at the heart of the business


The professional association for financial planners in South Africa


Internationally recognised fund manager research capability


Compliance and risk management for independent financial planners



S&P and Moody’s credit rating announcement

Friday the 24th of November may well be a momentous day for South African financial markets, specifically the currency and government debt markets.  S&P and Moody’s credit ratings agencies will be announcing their latest credit rating assessment for South Africa’s...

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Times may be tough, but don’t cancel your life cover

Many South African households are feeling the pinch financially, and you may be tempted to cancel your life cover to free up some much-needed cash. But this could be a big mistake, with dire financial consequences for your loved ones. Hennie de Villiers, the deputy...

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You Can’t Handle the Truth! (Sorry, the Loss!)

by James Downie -  Head of Asset Consulting, MitonOptimal “Why we construct multi-asset, multi-outcome portfolios for clients, using uncorrelated asset classes and portfolios, to both reduce the probability of loss AND the size of the loss if markets should fall.” As...

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