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Cash is not King!

As advisor’s, one of our most important jobs is preventing clients from making rash decisions based on sensational media headlines. Our focus on long-term asset allocation and therefore remaining invested is supported in this Moneyweb article. ‘Cash is not king’ Even if inflation spikes during a downgrade spiral, growth assets remain important – MacroSolutions. Ingé […]

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MARKET COMMENTARY The month of March ended on a somewhat disheartening note, with South Africans waking up to the shocking news of yet another cabinet reshuffle which resulted in the unceremonious sacking of the finance minister and his deputy after market close on the 30th March. This abruptly ended the growing optimism South Africa has […]

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South Africa is at a Political Crossroad

From Nedgroup Investments and Allan Gray on the “State of the Nation”. Cabinet reshuffle: immediate effects Global events in the last year have, to a large extent, prepared capital markets for volatility, particularly following surprises like the UK vote in support of Brexit, Donald Trump winning the US presidential race and Marine Le Pen gaining […]

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Update on market and economic developments – February 2017

Local Markets: In local currency, SA Bonds 0.7%, SA Equities -3.1%, Listed Property -0.4% and cash returned 0.6%. Sector returns: Industrials -1.6%, Resources -9.9% and Financials 0.2%. Exchange Rates: The Rand appreciated against the US Dollar by 2.6%, the Euro by 4.8% and the Pound by 4.3% in February. Offshore Markets: Nikkei -0.7%, FTSE100 0.6%, […]

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